Stupid Cupid

Where Facebook throws hearts and Twitter sings…

Love is carefree, love is a roller coaster ride, love is sometimes never forgiving but at other times gracious as ever. In a digital jungle where vanity wins and the bold conquer, the stupid little Cupid is too naive. This is my journey. Maybe, your journey too.

It’s Never Been Quieter

It’s never been quieter since 1997,

As we sit and wonder when respite will be given.

No wealth, no glory, no war, no sorries,

Will undo the done or prevent the worries.

As Mother Nature heals I bow down in humility.

I took her for granted and it seems like she hates me.

But I don’t blame her, I think she is right.

And she’s finally fighting her final fight.

As a child in 1997, I remember the quiet evenings and afternoons spent hearing the chirping of birds. Those were the good times they say. But these times, are quite the opposite.

Today, the silence that prevails is that of guilt, of fear of uncertainty. With a million people, articles, news channels, doctors, wanna be doctors, preachers, evangelists, whatsapp aunties and uncles, overseas khandan and ofcourse Mr. WHO telling us what to think, how to cope, how to survive is all within a pandemic of its own.

“An emotional pandemic.

Silence brings with it the realisation of a conscience and reminds me that the energy I’ve been putting out in the world wasn’t probably right. The way I was living, was probably never right. Nothing seems right.

As Mother Nature once again reminds us of her unfathomable power against us, the powerless,

we are reminded to never taker her for granted again, or at-least try. We are reminded to stop and notice the chirping of birds no matter how busy life makes us. We are reminded to listen to the world around us and be aware of the existence that surrounds us, be it the ones we love, strangers and even animals.

It’s never been quieter, but this silence is different. I wish it were 1997

and I was indifferent.